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Meet Crissy!

Crissy is a little darling. When she came to me she was scared of  people. It took two of us to even get a collar on her & give her wormer.  Within two days she was running up to me & climbing in my  lap.

  • She is around 1 - 1 1/2 years old
  • She is a buff color & white & has the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen - one of them is baby blue & brown
  • She has a darling personality - just full of herself
  • She is very good natured - sweet, loveable, affectionate - craves attention
  • Crissy gets along extremely well with my dogs & cats
  • Very energetic & playful - I could totally see her being a kids dog...running beside a kid on a bicycle or going fishing with kids
  • She loves to go on our nature walks more than anything in the  world & always ends up playing in the pond & the overfill from the  horses watering trough
  • She jumps like a pogo stick when she see me heading to the dog pen
  • Although Crissy is very active she is very well behaved &  knows when its time to chill

Crissy will make some lucky person a wonderful side kick.




Meet Smokey

  • Smokey is a beautiful 3 year old male cocker spaniel
  • He is a very good natured dog - friendly & loveable - craves attention
  • He's very active & playful
  • Loves to go on our nature walks, ususally gets in the pond & splashes around
  • He has beautiful long black hair & is used to being groomed  (behaves really well for that)
  • He was a house dog before we got him. He behaves nicely inside & is house trained.
















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